Why cloud computing is essential for a business

Modern trends have led businesses to embrace change in technological infrastructure. This comes with added costs of installations and regular repairs and maintenance of the infrastructure. While this may come as an increase in cost of running the business, a solution is made available through cloud computing. This is a platform provided where different organizations share common resources over the internet hence reducing the overall costs of the same.

There are varying packages that are made available in this respect. These are mainly determined by the organizations management in accordance to their business needs and the capacity to install the relevant infrastructure. They include among others the private model which is installed to serve within a specific organization. This may be extended to include the clients of the business where charges are stipulated by the internal organization of the business. Security and access controls over this system are managed internally.

Public cloud model is created by independent service providers. These are sold to users on demand and charged on per minute of usage. Companies offering these services operate on a platform where they have capacity to reach out to clients from all over the globe irrespective of their geographical locations. Among the major players in the industry include Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Computer Engine.

Finally the last model is the hybrid cloud. This is build to incorporate both the capabilities of the public and private models. This is created to give organizations more control of their systems once installed from their central systems while still connected to the third part service provider.

While the use of cloud computing continues to gain popularity, security concerns continue to rise among the users. Basically, the system uses the same inherent security controls. However this requires to be enhanced further by ensuring that a clear and concise security and privacy controls are part of the agreement with the service provider. This mainly features on data storage as well as the integration of the internal systems and the cloud infrastructure.

As information technology continues to grow, the need for high speed connectivity, adequate storage becomes a necessity. While this may require additional infrastructure, space and costs, by embracing cloud connectivity, this is taken care of adequately. As such the organization gets an opportunity to focus on its core business. This is in regard to allocation of time and resources to ensure that the business thrives accordingly.

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