Why Should You Do Soil Testing?

Whether you’re an engineer heading a construction project or an agricultural entrepreneur working and preparing on the plans of starting a small farm or even a large vineyard, there is one very important thing you need to do. And that’s soil testing Sydney.soil_testing1

There are various reasons for doing this. And, it really depends on the type of land development you are thinking of undertaking. But, just for everyone’s information, here are some of those:

If soil testing will be done for agricultural purposes, certain attributes of the soil like its pH and nutrient level for fertility, among so many others will be checked. Contamination assessment will also be done to ensure that the land area is, indeed, good for planting crops.

After the analysis and certain problems are found, it can be dealt with before the project starts. Then there are times when the land is just too polluted or not as fertile as expected for agricultural use that it will undergo total ‘overhaul’, so to say. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding more fertilizer to the ground. Other times, bulldozers and backhoes need to be brought to dig into the soil to remove the contamination and replace it with good soil.

Once that is done, a series of soil testing Sydney will again be done to confirm that the land revamp was successful and the project can finally commence.

It’s pretty much the same when it comes to construction, except that the experts are looking for a different set of qualities besides the fertility of the land. Here are some of those attributes:

  • The type of soil or mix of soil (peat, clay, gravel, sand, etc)
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the soil
  • Water content in the soil
  • Possible weather and climatic changes on the soil
  • Bearing capacity, etc.

Aside from the fact that environment site assessment is a must-do before any construction, do remember that the soil is the backbone – the actual foundation – of buildings, roads or any other engineering structure. If this is not done properly, it could be hazardous to property and – more importantly – the lives of people in the future.

There are numerous other tests that you should do, of course, as mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety standards. But soil testing Sydney is definitely one of the few preliminary assessments that must be done. So make sure that you hire a reputable team who will do this for you.

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