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Share Hobbies with Your Partner and Keep the Spark Alive

When I first saw my now-boyfriend for the first time in a coffee shop, I immediately thought that he could be ‘the one’. In a hip place where people order complicated macchiato and blood-orange flavored green tea with cream frosting on top (or whatever), it was refreshing to find someone who loved just the plain black fresh brew at 3 in the afternoon.18jumping

And there he was, ordering the same plain black fresh brew that I love.

When I got to know him better, I found out that our taste in coffee was the only thing we had in common. But, there was chemistry and that was something harder to deny. Now, four and half years after that fateful 3 PM, we’re still together.

And you know what kept us together for the past four and a half years? Well, we share hobbies and love each other’s interests.

My boyfriend is a music teacher in the local college in the morning (well, afternoon) and a jazz musician at night. I’m an accountant in a bank who loves to jog in the early hours of the morning and play Ultimate Frisbee during the weekends.

When we started dating, I’d go and watch him play a few times a week. That was hard since he would finish late at night and I needed to run at 5 AM the next day. Still, I did it. On our sixth month, my boyfriend stopped smoking (a habit he got from playing gigs). After a few weeks, he tried playing earlier so he could go home before midnight. Then he woke up when my alarm went off and ran with me. That’s hard for him. Still, he did it.

Then we thought of other things we could do together. And with a few compromises here and there, we were able accomplish it.

Love is not about being completely in tune with each other at first sight. It’s also all about sharing hobbies and interests, too. Give it a try!

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