How Websites Help a Brick and Mortar Business

Nowadays, when you tell people that you have recently launched a business, the immediate question would be whether it’s an online one or an actual establishment. Indeed, the age of digital entrepreneurs has peaked so much so that people easily shift from the online version to going to the actual store. Having a website and social media presence is so important that companies like Website design Brisbane are always flooded with requests for websites – both for selling and for simple online presence.


Yes, for entrepreneurs, there can be two distinct types of websites to choose from. Both kinds will be beneficial for business because it serves as an online presence and is one of the first things that people look for when you introduce your business to them. Business owners who go to Website design Brisbane for website development or design should decide on what kind of site they want to have. Doing so would determine how much the website would cost, how long it would take to develop, what it takes to run and maintain, and how much impact it would have on the actual business.

Let us expound. A normal website would have an introduction about the company and the services or products that they offer. There can be as few pages as needed for as long as it provides the location, contact numbers and email address, hours of operation and so on. Additional pages can contain reviews, detailed description of the products, and contact forms where people may leave inquiries. The web design itself can be simple and easy to navigate. One of the more popular types is a wordpress site since it does not require a lot of technical knowledge or skill. Updates can be posted as regular blogs posts and can be done from email or a mobile phone. It is also easy to link to different social media sites. It has all the basic info, but does not have a shopping cart or ordering system.

This is where the second kind of website comes in. Companies like eCommerce web design Perth specialize on the business sites where site visitors can order or shop from. It needs a very specific code to work and a payment system as well. This kind of site needs to have merchant approval in order to tie up with credit card companies for payment. Business owners who don’t have physical stores find this kind of site a worthwhile investment. Those with brick and mortar establishments use the online sites to sell other merchandise to people who cannot visit their store physically. This is ideal since an online site is not restricted by location.

Simply put, a business owner has everything to gain by having a website created for his business.

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