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Web designWhat are some elements you should use for website design? Obviously, the website should be easy for both people and Google’s web crawlers to navigate. The links are usually a good place to plunk keywords. Well, sorta, you still want to make sure those links make sense within the context of your web copy. When your web designer tells you that you need one that looks good on mobile devices, you should listen to him because not only does 40% of web browsing time happen on mobile devices, but the “mobile-friendliness” of a website is also one of the new variables in Google’s search engine algorithms. Some questions you might want to answer when pursuing website development might include:

Should you go with WordPress or not? Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is pretty cool when you want to get a website set up quickly. Install WordPress, add a few really good plugins, choose a neat theme and you can just update it a couple times a week to keep the content fresh. However, there are a few things that WordPress doesn’t really do all that well yet and that can be frustrating when you’re trying to find plugins that’ll work with your premium theme. That means knowing a little bit about website development or knowing somebody who does.What do you want to accomplish with your website? You might be doing anything from running for a local public office to launching a new freelancing site. Your goals are going to be major factors when it comes to choosing the way your website is going to look and function. A candidate for public office could get away with a good WordPress site in which he or she discusses relevant issues and news using frequent blog posts. This is a good way for candidates to get to know you. I can honestly tell you that launching a freelancing site is going to be a little bit trickier because not only do you want a good website design, but you also have to think about marketing and that means you want something that looks sleek and is easy to use.Is SEO important? I know that sounds like a silly question to ask, but Google really is getting smarter about rewarding human-readable content. That means you could probably get away with writing like you normally would if Google never existed if you’re using keywords that don’t have a lot of competition. If all else fails, you could consider local SEO that works especially well if your target audience is in your local area.

Regardless of your goals, the website design may well be one of the most important decisions you can make. That means you should not skimp when it comes to making your website look good to an audience and, equally importantly, knowing a web designer who knows how to make sure the back end is completely functional with good website development skills.

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