Creating the Best SEO Strategy in 2020

Creating an SEO strategy for online-based businesses such as e-commerce and online shopping websites is as important as making a business plan. One must create a comprehensive and doable strategy to stay in business for a long period. To improve your online presence, you must at least acquire the aid of a third-party service provider to increase your chances of coming up with a cohesive one.

In this article, we would be tackling and listing things that would be important when it comes to creating a unique SEO strategy in 2020.

Keyword list

Keywords are the catalyst of SEO, and search engines highly base their result through keywords. Search engine optimization services are always using keywords and they won’t make any SEO strategy without using any keyword.

To start listing important keywords, you must conduct research. To improve your online presence, using Google Suggest might help you. Keywords would instantly appear after you type several characters and through the suggestions, you will have more grasp on what keywords you should list down.

Google first page analysis

By doing this, you would have more chances to improve your online presence by simply observing. You can copy what other websites are doing with their keywords and what structures they are going to make things a lot better for your strategy.

Copying isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you rehash them or add something unique.

Hook addition

Online reputation management suggests hooks for a better search engine page ranking. You can easily do this by adding external links to your content such as blog posts or articles. A lot of content providers and even bloggers are now practicing this strategy and we’ve seen better results.

Keyword optimization

Listing down keywords or simply having keywords to use isn’t enough to improve your SEO strategy. You need to implement them and optimize their usage to have better traffic.

A good technique to use when optimizing your keywords is the semantic approach or most commonly known as semantic SEO. The premise is simple, you find related words for your main keyword and you sprinkle them into your entire content. It is also ideal to spread them as much as possible since keywords that are lumped together would lead to an SEO disaster.

SEO strategies are everywhere and you can craft one yourself. But you must know each approach to increase the possibility of a better result.


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