Cloud Computing: A Must-Have for Businesses Worldwide

Many individuals would not understand what cloud computing is all about because its term alone denotes something on the technical field. But, once you have gotten the gist of this,

you’ll definitely say, that this platform is very beneficial for business and other online tasks. Cloud computing has definitely transformed the business world and paving the way of the industry into the future. With the enterprise of cloud computing, even small-scale entrepreneurs can now compete in the big leagues.

If you’re new in the business and are still not quite familiar with this, here is a short description of what cloud computing is:

Business apps have always been a necessity in today’s world. But these, unfortunately, are so expensive to own and, more especially, to maintain. Aside from the data center that houses all the servers required, you should have a large staff of IT experts who will be managing the whole thing. Upgrading – a definite should-do – is often risky as it could bring down your whole system.

Big companies with tons of money to burn have trouble working on this. Can you just imagine how small businesses are accomplishing this – if at all?

With cloud computing, all those problems are eliminated. Now, all entrepreneurs need to do is log in a shared data center, customize it based on what they need and start using it. Before, it would take months to set up something so complicated. Today, it could run in just a few days.

There are so many more advantages, really. But the bottom line here is that you, the entrepreneur, can now focus on more important aspects of your business: running it.

Today, cloud computing is all the rage in the business world. Everyone wants a share of the pie – or in this case, the app they need.

One evidence of the significance of cloud computing is Salesforce, a pioneer in this industry. This company is the sixth largest enterprise in the software business and is recognized by Fortune Magazine for three years in a row. Forbes, for four consecutive years, has ranked it as one of the most innovative companies. It has earned around $50 billion in just a span of seven years.

And the numbers, both in sales and its users are continuing to rise.

LinkedIn, a great way to find job opportunities and connect with other professionals, have early on seen the importance of cloud computing – specifically that of Salesforce. Through this platform, entrepreneurs can now share valuable content with their targeted audience. And as symbiotic relationships matter too on the internet, LinkedIn has named Salesforce as one of their most influential brands.

If you want to give cloud computing a try, LinkedIn would be a great place to start.

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