Advantages of Digital Publishing

online_pub1Digital publishing has become an indispensable technology for many nowadays. Before, traditional publishing is limited to publishing of books, magazines and other materials that contain text and images. Today, however, digital publishing has allowed the publication of different forms of work such as flipbook. There is an increasing number of people, organizations and businesses that switched to digital publishing. This is because of the advantages listed below:

Far less costly

The traditional publishing requires paper, ink, machines and equipment. The paper and ink already entail cost. The machines and equipment such as printer also mean cost plus the costs that will be incurred such as electricity bill. With digital publishing, you just need a desktop or laptop computer. You may also use even your smartphone or tablet. With these electronic devices, you can publish even your flipbook animation work.

You can actually publish many things for free on the Web. You just have to create your own blog and in an instant post whatever you want. The social media such as Facebook is also one great venue where you can publish articles, videos, and animations where you used flipbook.

Environment friendly

The digital way of publishing is friendly to the environment because it doesn’t require cutting of more trees to produce paper. This also means prevention of processing and production of more ink, which contributes to the waste that harms the environment. With online publishing, a lot of processes in the production of materials needed for the traditional method are avoided. This is also another way that the cost is greatly reduced in so far as damages to human health and the environment are concerned.

Can accommodate different types of work

Magazines, books, pamphlets, brochures, and other related text and image-rich materials are publishable on the Web. But, more than that, even animation works, other types of videos, and audio files can now also be published online. You can actually optimize the Web to introduce your animation skills to the world. It is a great opportunity to share inspiring stories through animations. Facebook is a convenient platform to share these works. You may also optimize YouTube to reach to more people. With the use of flipbook, you can now create your own animation series, which subscribers can follow.

Another major advantage of publishing online is that you can reach thousands to millions of people in no time because the internet is becoming more accessible.

Publication has evolved following what the technology offers in this modern time. For more information on how and what you can publish digitally, simply visit ​

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