A Look at the Hottest Wedding Photography Trends

Every moment of your wedding day is worth capturing. For this reason, you need to hire the best photographers in Melbourne. But, you need to be vigilant when choosing the professional who will capture the moments of your special day. Look for someone who uses the latest trends in wedding photography. Here is a look at the latest development that will make wedding photography more exciting.


With drones, photographers in Melbourne will be able to take pictures from any vantage point. With this trend, a photographer will be able to take a shot of the bride and groom from a different perspective. However, the quality of the picture will not be comparable to photos taken by a professional DSLR.

Film Photography

Film photography has gained popularity since 2016. This trend involves the use of analog cameras and negative film. Photographers in Melbourne will have the ability to take vivid and crisp digital photos. Film gives pictures a different light, color, and tone compared to digital images.

Editorial Style Shots

How about a trend that will make the bride and groom seem to come out from a magazine? The editorial style trend involves the use of beautiful and flattering light, focus on the details of the pictures to ensure clean images. The shots of high quality photographers in Melbourne will create a visual impact of the bride and groom.

Smoke Bombs

One of the latest wedding photography trends is the smoke bomb. It is a technique for creating special effects on your pictures. With smoke bombs, best wedding photographers will use a camera and an external flash. It is best to get out of your comfort zone when taking smoke bomb shots.

Less Filters, More Natural

Instagram pioneered the photography filter technique. However, photographers nowadays have added a more natural style of taking pictures. This is because the couple would want their beauty to shine out using simple lighting and editing.

All Black & White

Couples who want a vintage style picture for their wedding can consider the all black & white technique. Here, the bride and groom would surely look back at their pictures whenever they want to.

These are just some of the hottest trends that will surely make wedding day memories worth capturing. So when availing of wedding photo services, make sure that the company makes use of these trends. After all, we all aspire for “happy ever after” for our special day and this includes your wedding photos.

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