5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

samsunggalaxynote7As one of the latest gadgets in the market, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has received a lot of praise and admiration from many smartphone enthusiasts. Samsung seems to have done its homework right by streamlining the Note 7 into a formidable phone in the market. Below, we look at the top 5 reasons why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


The S Pen


The Galaxy note 7 comes with a functional stylus that enables you to use the screen as a notepad. You can use this pen to scribble notes on the screen of the Note 7 before keeping them as a reminder for a later date. Furthermore, you do not need to open a note app in order to use this feature. You can just start scribbling your notes on the screen and the phone will automatically jump to note pad.


The HDR Display


Another amazing feature that makes Samsung’s latest gadget, the Note 7, worth buying is the High Dynamic Range technology used on their display. HDR screens provide a wide range of colors that are characterized by deeper whites and blacks. This feature, combined with Samsung’s AMOLED display makes the smartphone one of the best in the industry. However, HDR is best applicable when watching videos shot in HDR format.


Waterproof ability


You should buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because it is waterproof. The Note 7 has been designed to withstand different environmental conditions including; rain, light water submersions, strong wind and cold conditions. The most amazing thing is that the phone’s S Pen can be used to take notes underwater. And although it is highly unlikely that you will neither need to take notes underwater nor in a shower, is this amazing feature welcome.


The iris Scanner


Samsung has taken biometric security a notch higher with the introduction of the iris scanner on the front camera of the Note 7. The camera takes out an infrared light to read out your eyes before unlocking the phone. Iris scanning is more secure than fingerprints. This is because we leave our fingerprints everywhere and it is possible for anyone to duplicate them.


Great design


The latest device, the Note 7, is one of the best looking smart phones in the market. It is curved both at the front and back and this gives it an impressive look. Furthermore, this design makes the phone easy to hold. Also, Samsung has managed to make the phone slimmer despite of the 5.7 inch screen. This makes it easy to slip in tight pockets.

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